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About Us

Based near Newcastle (Australia), Earth Forever is run by Mother & Daughter Team - Donna & Ebony. Our hope is to contribute to the amazing work that Vegans do every day. In spreading our important message of Compassion, and Hope for a better future - where all beings can live in peace ✌️

We are very proud to be part of such an important movement, of passionate people, that are truly changing the World for the better.

By creating Vegan slogan Fashion, we hope to constructively spread, share, create positive discussion, and potentially inspire more people to go Vegan.

Our brand is Organic, Ethical, Environmentally Friendly, and most importantly - Vegan.

Not only do we want to spread a positive message through fashion, we want to be able to support charities and non-profit organisations. That are actively involved in saving, and protecting the Animals & the Planet.
$5 from every T-Shirt sold will go directly to our 'Supported Cause of the Month'. You can read more about who we support, here.

Thank you for checking out our website! Send an email to us ( if you have any questions.